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DokuWiki plugins

There are DokuWiki plugins for research & education which I developed. All plugins are under GPL2 license, so feel free to use them in your DokuWiki.

Dokuwiki Official

Scientific plugins

DokuWiki plugins for bioscience and biotechnology.

General plugins


Cache plugin

This DokuWiki plugin provides a cache mechanism to plugins which needs to store cache files for its own. This plugin uses a 'media' directory to save cache files.

:!: This plugin is deprecated :!:

plugin_cache class


$c = new plugin_cache("namespace","prefix","txt.gz")


namespace Namespace to store cache files
mediaDir Media directory path
mediaFormatString format to make a cache path
linkFormat String format to make a link (Dokuwiki ID)
prefix Prefix for cache files
extension Extension for cache files. You can use gz for automatic gzip/ungzip.


Exists($id)True if the cache exists
GetMediaPath($id)Get a media path for cache ID
GetMediaLink($id)Get a link URL to fetch a cache
GetMediaText($id)Get a text of cache file
PutMediaText($id,$text)Save string to cache
CheckDir()Check and make a cache directory called in constructor
ClearCache()Clear all cache files in a namespace
RemoveDir()Clear and remove cache directory

Plugins using this plugin


  • 2008.11.26
    • Unnecessary page directory was abolished.
  • 2008.5.14
    • Bug fix for some incorrect media directory path creation.
  • 2008.4.18
    • Bug fix for some incorrect media links with ':'
  • 2008.3.22
    • First version was uploaded.
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