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DokuWiki plugins

There are DokuWiki plugins for research & education which I developed. All plugins are under GPL2 license, so feel free to use them in your DokuWiki.

Dokuwiki Official

Scientific plugins

DokuWiki plugins for bioscience and biotechnology.

General plugins


NSsize plugin

NSsize Dokuwiki plugin calculates and displays the disk usage of a particular namespace. This plugin can display the diskspace of the 'pages', 'media', 'meta', 'cache', 'attic' directories. These displaying items are selectable in the plugin-configuration page.

This plugin just executes 'du' command and summarises the standard output.


Input a keyword of nssize and a namespace. Here, the example displays the disk space of the 'computer' and 'computer:en:'. Here, the configuration of 'Alerting size' is set to 30MB.

Wiki syntax





You can find 'style.css' file in the plugin folder. The file defines the style of the design of disk space table. You can customize the design as you like.


  1. Download and extract
  2. Upload it to /lib/plugins directory.



  • 2008.3.23
    • Italian translation was included.
  • 2007.10.7
    • modified → to calculate the whole size of cache directory
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