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DokuWiki plugins

There are DokuWiki plugins for research & education which I developed. All plugins are under GPL2 license, so feel free to use them in your DokuWiki.

Dokuwiki Official

Scientific plugins

DokuWiki plugins for bioscience and biotechnology.

General plugins


Select plugin

This DokuWiki plugin creates a pull-down menu that navigates users to either internal or external links. You can check the functionality by selecting the 'Language' selection box above.



At least two kinds of parameters for are necessary this plugin.

  1. Name of the box which is selected on loading the page first.
  2. Pairs of link and displaying name.

The code of 'Language' menu at the top of this page is like this.

<select Language>
  • Begin syntax with 'select XXXX'.
    'XXXX' is the name of selection box.(ex. Language)
  • List each menu item as 'LINK|NAME'. 'LINK' is dokuwiki internal link which should start with a root namespace.
  • You can also use external links.
  • InterWiki syntax '(WIKI)>(TITLE)|NAME' is supported in the latest version.
    (2007-06-26b or later required)
  • Change the splitters of namespaces to ':'(colon) according to your DokuWiki settings.
Example code

<select example>
computer:select_plugin|Select plugin|Google

wp>Ghost_in_shell|Ghost in the shell


Using plugin manager

  1. Use URL of

Manual installation

  1. Download '' and extract it.
  2. Upload the 'select' directory into /lib/plugins/ directory of your DokuWiki


  • 2008.10.23
    • bug fixed on using InterWiki links
  • 2008.10.11
  • 2008.2.6 Creation of interwiki links enabled. (2007-06-26b or later required)
  • 2007.10.16 bug fix of an inappropriate linking depends of 'userewrite' parameter.
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