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DokuWiki plugins

There are DokuWiki plugins for research & education which I developed. All plugins are under GPL2 license, so feel free to use them in your DokuWiki.

Dokuwiki Official

Scientific plugins

DokuWiki plugins for bioscience and biotechnology.

General plugins


XML/SWF Slideshow plugin

This DokuWiki plugin create a slideshow in the DokuWiki page by using's XML/SWF Slideshow. XML/SWF Slideshow is a simple and cool Flash application. The slides and many variables for the style are defined by XML easily.

Though the XML/SWF Slideshow needs XML files, you can edit the XML content on the DokuWiki system by using this plugin. Of cource, this plugin supports static xml files for the slideshow.

:!: This plugin is no longer maintained now. :!:

<slideshow slide_example2.xml 200 150 slide1 F7F7F7 RIGHT></slideshow> (34.5 KB)2008-03-22

:!:This plugin requires cache plugin

If you want to try this plugin, go to the playground page. → slideshow_test


  • See detailed coding at XML/SWF Slideshow site.
  • This plugin uses 'slideshow' namespace for the caching of dynamic coding.

Dynamic xml coding

You can code XML/SWF Slideshow's xml file on the DokuWiki system as you edit other pages as usual.


<slideshow (width) (height) (name) (bgcolor) (align)>
  XML/SWF Slideshow code
  You can use media link like {{XXX.jpg}}.
  You can use wiki link like [[XXX:XXX]].
  You can include your PHP script by <include>XXX.php</include>.

By using the latest version, you can use either [[wiki link]] or {{media file}} format within the XML code.;-)

<slideshow 200 150 example1 CCFF99 RIGHT> <slide>

<image url='{{computer:en:phm10_0134.jpg}}'/>
<link><area url='[[computer:en:slideshow_plugin]]'/></link>

</slide> <slide>

<image url='{{computer:en:phm10_0210.jpg}}'/>

</slide> <slide>

<image url='{{computer:en:phm10_0651.jpg|Sky}}'/>

</slide> </slideshow>

<slideshow 200 150 example1 CCFF99 RIGHT>
  <image url='{{computer:en:phm10_0134.jpg}}'/>
  <link><area url='[[computer:en:slideshow_plugin]]'/></link>
  <image url='{{computer:en:phm10_0210.jpg}}'/>
  <image url='{{computer:en:phm10_0651.jpg|Sky}}'/>

Static XML file

You can also use external xml files for XML/SWF Slideshow. Put the location of file before the parameters of width and height. The location should be full path including all namespaces. Since you can use Wiki syntax of '{{}}', it is convinient for you to put it by icon_picture in toolbar.

At the latest version, a media file format like {{XXX.jpg}} will be replaced to appropriate URL within the external XML file.


<slideshow (filename) (width) (height) (bgcolor) (align)></slideshow>


<slideshow computer:en:slide_example2.xml 150 120></slideshow>

<slideshow {{computer:en:slide_example2.xml|}} 150 120></slideshow> // media file format will work.

<slideshow computer:en:slide_example2.xml 150 120></slideshow>



Clearing cache

In order to remove all cached files in a slideshow media directory, use clear_cache word.

<slideshow clear_cache></slideshow>

:!:Since 'clear_cache' deletes all cached files from 'slideshow' namespace, a cached Wiki page doesn't show charts sometimes. Therefore, use ~~NOCACHE~~ command in the page to recreate XML files everytime.

Scripts within Xml

You can include external PHP scripts in XML source by using <include> tag. Notice that the base directory is '/lib/plugins/slideshow/'. The PHP scripts should return string data.

Example <slideshow 200 150 langEx CCFF99 RIGHT> <slide>

<image url='{{computer:en:phm10_0134.jpg}}'/>

</slide> <slide>

<image url='{{computer:en:phm10_0210.jpg|}}'/>

</slide> </slideshow>

<slideshow 200 150 langEx CCFF99 RIGHT>
  <image url='{{computer:en:phm10_0134.jpg}}'/>
  <!-- Display $conf['lang'] as a text -->
  <include>include_test.php</include>           // <- here.
  <image url='{{computer:en:phm10_0210.jpg}}'/>


global $conf;
$ret ='<draw_text><text x="0" y="0" width="50" rotation="0" align="left" size="60" color="000000" alpha="90">';
$ret .= $conf['lang'];
$ret .= '</text></draw_text>';
return $ret;


  1. Install cache plugin if not installed.
  2. Download '' and extract.
  3. Upload the slideshow directory to your DokuWiki server at /lib/plugins/

The 'slideshow.swf' is redistributed unregistered version of XML/SWF Slideshow. See the license page at's site



  • 2008.3.22
  • 2008.3.16
    • Vulnerability of XSS was fixed. (Thanks, Andy)
    • bug fix to make an appropriate swf library path.
  • 2007.12.30
    • bug fix
  • 2007.12.18
    • Enabled to use [[wiki link]] and <include>.
  • 2007.12.08 ver. 0.4.1
    • Enabled to start without configuration
  • 2007.12.07 ver. 0.4
    • Media format {{XXXX.jpg}} translation
    • Fix around directory-creation & ACL setting.
    • Fetch URL was abolished. ← This configuration has bothered people.
  • 2007.8.26 ver.0.3.1
    • Supports file name of DokuWiki syntax.
  • 2007.8.19 ver.0.3.0
    • Bug fix
    • Addition of configurable items
    • Localization of configuration (en and ja)
  • 2007.8.18 ver.0.2.0
    • Enabled to modify settings on Web browser
  • 2007.8.16 ver.0.1.0
    • First version


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